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Dear partners and friends

Founded in 2009, Memoshoá - Holocaust Memory and Teaching Association is a non-profit association that aims to support the teaching, memory and research of the Holocaust, particularly among teachers. As the only association dedicated to this theme in Portugal, its work with teachers and students is essential.

Over these years we have been working tirelessly, organizing training seminars in Portugal and abroad and supporting the work of teachers in schools across the country. Today Memoshoá already has an important network of contacts in schools that we are very proud of. All this effort has been recognized by national institutions, namely by the Ministry of Education, and international ones like Yad Vashem - National Authority for the Memory of Martyrs and Heroes of the Holocaust, in Jerusalem, Israel and with the Memorial de la Shoah, in Paris, France, with which we have cooperation protocols.

However, financial support is scarce and our work is based exclusively on the voluntarism (and volunteering) of its activists and the generosity of its contributors. Unfortunately it is not enough. Therefore, today we launch an appeal: to continue and develop our work in memory and education of the Holocaust, we need your support, we need your generous contribution.


We count on you! Make a donation to Memoshoá for

IBAN- PT50003505100003640103037

Our thanks!

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