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27 JANUARY- 1945-2020

Portuguese version of the message from the Director-General of UNESCO on the occasion of the International Day in Memory of Victims of the Holocaust.

"The Last Frontier" Webinar

Following the evocation of January 27 - International Day in Memory of Victims of the Holocaust -, the “Teaching of the Holocaust” project of the Directorate-General for Education dedicated the webinar “Portugal, the last Frontier” to Portuguese diplomatic action during the 2nd World War, with the partnership of the Library and the Historical-Diplomatic Archive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, namely Dr. Margarida Lages. This resource aims to recognize the importance of diplomacy and diplomats in maintaining peace and to contact the resources available on the website of the Diplomatic Institute on Portugal in World War II. Consequently, it addresses not only the antecedents of the Second War, but also various aspects of Portuguese diplomatic action, namely, neutrality, the attitude towards Jewish refugees and the action of Aristides de Sousa Mendes, Sampaio Garrido and Alberto Branquinho. It should be added that, with the presentation of documentation, especially the exhibition “Lives Saved”, the importance of access to primary sources in the discipline of History is emphasized, as a reinforcement of historical awareness.

In short, the aim of this webinar is to maintain the memory of the Holocaust in the construction of the principles of tolerance, non-discrimination and mutual respect, present in the discipline of Citizenship and Development and in the “Profile of Students Leaving Mandatory Schooling”.

Activities to develop in the classroom

Watching Movies/Documents:

  • Documentary “Irmãos Sequerra” (available at

  • Documentary “Anne Frank-Parallel Lives (available on Netflix)

  • Film "The Garden of Hope"

(more information

  • Film “The Pianist” (we provide the form that students can fill out after viewing in annex)

  • Film "Schindler's List"

  • Film “A Sign of Hope” (“Jacob the Liar”)

(more info

  • Film "Resistant"

(more infoências)

  • Film “The Irena Sendler Story”

(more info ttps://

  • Film “Diary of Anne Frank” (by Robert Dornhelm)

(more information

  • Film “Aristides de Sousa Mendes: Justo entre as Nações”(

  • RTP documentary “Aristides de Sousa Mendes: the wronged consul”




  • Reading of “Rutka's Diary” and viewing of the documentary “Rutka”

  • Reading of passages from the book “The girl from the ghetto”

  • Reading of passages from the book “Diário de Mary Berg” and presentation of the ppt (“O Diário de Mary Berg” available on the Memoshoá website



  • Exploration of some works by David Olère


  • Art and the Holocaust - several works of art available at:


  • Video of the Auschwitz camp in the present, taken using a drone


  • Activity “Memory Chronology” (attached)

Worksheet on the film "The Pianist"

Exploration guide of the documentary Aristides de Sousa Mendes

Memory Chronology

Activity proposals for the 27th of January

Recommendations for Teaching and Learning about the Holocaust

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